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Lighting To Go

Instant Rebates on Efficient Lighting!

  • It’s easy… buy efficient lights and install them today
  • Instant rebates at participating distributors

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Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Visit or call one of our participating distributors with a sample of the bulb(s) you’re replacing and a copy of your PUD bill for the quickest processing.*
  2. Consult with a distributor's lighting specialist and purchase lighting with instant rebate (up to $25 for LED recessed can retrofit kits).
  3. Install interior lighting within 2 weeks of purchase and exterior lighting within 3 weeks of purchase and start saving!

*The program is offered to PUD business customers on rate schedules 20, 24, 25 & 36. If you don’t have your PUD bill, phone verification by the distributor with the PUD is required.

Lamp type and size Instant Rebate
LED Exterior Power Flood: 1-74W
LED Exterior Power Flood: 75-174W
LED Exterior Power Flood: ≥175W
LED Pin Replacement, 2 and 4 pin
LED Decorative lamps $3
​LED Omni-directional (A-lamp) ​$3
​LED MR16 ​$8
LED Directional PAR20, 30, 38, 40 $8
LED T8 $4
LED Recessed can retrofit kit $10
LED Exterior Wall Pack: 1-34W $40
LED Exterior Wall Pack: 35-99W $120
LED Exterior Wall Pack: ≥100W $200

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I switch out my incandescent bulbs to LEDs now?

Getting incentives for switching to LEDs has never been easier! With the Lighting To Go program, you can purchase qualified LEDs at a discounted price directly at a participating distributor. No complicated forms to fill out or waiting for a rebate check. You can buy and start saving today! You will also start saving on maintenance costs – rather than replacing incandescent bulbs several times each year, many LEDs are rated to last several years.

How can I ensure I’m buying the right product?

LEDs come in a variety of sizes and colors. Bring in a sample of your existing bulbs to a participating distributor, and a lighting specialist will be able to help you to find the appropriate product.

How much will I save on my utility bill?

Switching out a recessed can light that is on for 12 hours a day from a 65W incandescent bulb to a 14W LED can save about $15 per bulb, per year! Add up the number of bulbs in your store to figure out your potential savings.

Are LEDs dimmable?

Yes, many LEDs are now available in dimmable models. Some customers may experience flickering at the low end of the dimming range if they replace a large number of incandescent bulbs with LEDs because dimmer circuits need a minimum wattage to work. Before you buy, look for dimming level capacities on a few different models or ask a lighting specialist for suggestions or for help reviewing wiring schematics for your lighting system. You can also check with the manufacturer for dimmer recommendations. You may also need to change your dimmer type in order to see proper dimming.

What if I can't install all of my interior LEDs in two weeks?

It’s okay to purchase your LEDs in phases so that you meet the two-week installation requirement. So, for example, if you need 300 LEDs, but can only install 100 at a time, then you should make three separate purchases over several months. 

How do I begin?

If you are a Snohomish PUD commercial customer, bring a copy of your PUD bill and a sample of your existing bulbs into one of the participating distributors today. Eligible customers will be on rate schedule 20, 24, 25, or 36, as shown on your PUD bill.

Restaurant Lighting:

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What Customers are Saying

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“We’ve been very pleased with our new lighting and how much our bill has come down. We wish we had done it sooner!”

– Judy Matheson • J. Matheson Gifts, Kitchen & Gourmet

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