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Lighting Fixtures

The PUD offers discounts of up to $10 on the purchase of eligible efficient lighting fixtures like the ones pictured here. Qualifying efficient light fixtures combine quality and attractive design with the highest levels of energy efficiency available today. See a list of participating retailers and products below.

Fixture Type Description Available at:
CFL Flushmount
CFL flushmount image
Inexpensive and stylish CFL flushmount light fixtures will look good in your home and won’t empty your wallet. Costco, Dollar Tree, and Home Depot stores. 
CFL Linear
CFL linear image
CFL linear fixtures can have between 1-4 bulbs to brighten kitchens, workrooms, and other indoor spaces. *Coming soon to PUD incentive programs!
LED Flushmount
LED flushmount image
LED flushmounts are an attractive and long-lasting option for lighting any room in the house.  Batteries Plus, Costco, Fred Meyer, and Home Depot stores
LED Track Light
LED track light image
LED track lights are an excellent way to illuminate showcases, artwork, or other focal points. Long-lasting LEDs save energy and won’t damage light-sensitive items  *Coming soon to PUD incentive programs!
LED Recessed Retrofit Downlight
LED recessed retrofit downlight image

Specially designed to put light where you need it. Many products are dimmable when paired with a compatible dimmer switch.

Batteries Plus, Costco, Fred Meyer, Home Depot, Lowes, Stoneway Electric, and Walmart stores
LED Shop Light

LED shop light image

LED shop lights are portable and easy to install, putting light exactly where you need it. Low-profile designs and long-lasting LEDs make them ideal task lights for kitchens and workbenches. Costco stores
LED Porch Light
LED porch light image
Porch lights are long-lasting and require very little energy to operate. They are reliable and dependable in all weather conditions. They also come in a wide variety of attractive options for your home! Home Depot and Costco stores
LED Security Light
LED security light image
Save money and feel safer at home with an LED security light! Motion sensors and dusk-to-dawn technology help you sleep soundly. Home Depot and Costco stores

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