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Electric Vehicles

In the next decade, thousands of families in Snohomish County will purchase an electric vehicle. EVs have the potential to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels as utilities move toward greater use of green energy sources.

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We are here to help you learn about EVs:

  • The PUD can help customers determine options for charging stations. Chargers range from 120-volt to 480-volt stations. The smaller 120-volt station (standard wall outlet) takes 12-24 hours to charge a vehicle, while the larger charger can charge about 80 percent of a vehicle in about 10 minutes.
  • When considering what type of charger to install, customers should consider the distance they will be driving their vehicle and their preferences about the timing of charging it.
  • Customers need to work with an electrician and the PUD to determine their electrical needs and ensure their charger is properly wired. It’s also critical that they work with their installer to learn how to operate it correctly with safety in mind.
  • There are many resources for customers researching EVs. The Electric Vehicle Project and ChargePoint America, for example, may be able to provide a free residential charging station and assist with installation.
  • Customers purchasing an EV need to contact their local city planning department to obtain any required permits. The state has developed model ordinances for municipal governments to help guide this process.
  • The PUD asks customers to fill out our new service application form (listed to the right) and contact the utility if they’re considering the purchase of an electric vehicle so that the utility can plan appropriately for electrical needs in their neighborhood.
  • While increased use of EVs will impact the PUD’s electrical system, the utility is prepared to handle the additional electricity demand in the coming years.
  • The PUD is continuing to participate in plug-in vehicle studies with the Electric Power Research Institute, the state Alternative Fuels Corridor Initiative and other regional groups.

The PUD & Electrical Charging Stations

We’ve been asked if Snohomish PUD is involved in the effort of installing charging stations for electric vehicles in Western Washington, and the answer is we are not directly responsible for making them available. We put our expertise and focus on ensuring that we provide reliable power for all of our customers – including those installing these sure-to-be-popular charging stations. We know there are many others, including electricians with specialized expertise who are better suited to having responsibility for these installations. Additionally, since these stations are generally located in business parking lots, or along major public rights of way controlled by local government agencies, there are others with a clearer role and responsibility to oversee their installation and availability. In fact, many of these organizations and businesses are participating in efforts such as the West Coast Green Highway program – an exciting program designed to make these stations more available.

Meanwhile, at the PUD, we plan to keep our focus on what we’re best at and where it makes the biggest impact: bringing our customers power every day to keep them charged up and ready to go!

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